The Goal of The Land Doctors

The goal of the Land Doctors isn’t to sell you anything, instead, we help you find what you want to buy. Along the way, we want to learn about your vision for the land and then help you achieve your goals. Our aspiration is to create lifelong friendships with our landowners and to be ready to assist you long after the sale is complete. Our team is comprised of a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds. We will direct you to one of our team by matching what you want to achieve with their knowledge, skills and ability.

Barns & Shops

Everyone needs a place to shelter equipment, feed, supplies, ATVs and animals. Having all that stuff is the fun part of owning and enjoying farms and ranches. A quality purpose-built shop or barn makes an ideal place to keep your treasures in great condition and ready for you to use and enjoy.

Barns and shops come in all shapes and sizes. While metal shop buildings and barns are very popular, we can also custom build with materials that match the style of other existing or planned structures.