Recreational Land

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    arbuckle springs ranch
    huntingland ranches recreationalland residentialproperty riverfront
    Under Contract
    Johnston County, Oklahoma
    Water is life. That's why most humans live in temperate climates and 90 percent of that population lives less than 2.5 miles from surface water. It's our comfort zone. That's why water features are always in demand on our ranches. But not all water is the same. Some places have crystal clear, gently flowing rivers that cause us to experience a feeling of peace and tranquility. Pretty lakes are not uncommon and the desire to own a great fishing spot is almost universal. The sound of waterfall or even that of a babbling brook can mesmerize us and
    160± acres
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    blue river springs
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    Johnston County, Oklahoma
    Blue River Springs has more improvements and features per acre than any listing we've ever had, so grab a seat and hold on tight as we take you on a whirlwind tour through this magnificent property. Located on the banks of the Blue River at Connerville, OK, this property is located about 100 miles from either DFW or OKC. With paved frontage on a quiet country highway, you are a quick drive from either metro area to this ultimate river retreat. When you arrive, you pass by the property manager's mobile home and drive through the unassuming entrance. Drive
    93± acres
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    canadian river ranch
    huntingland ranches recreationalland riverfront timberland
    McIntosh County, Oklahoma
    UPDATE: The adjoining High Point Ranch mentioned in the video is no longer on the market. Over the years, the Land Doctors have seen a lot of land and because of that, it takes a lot to leave us awe struck. In a few special spots, nature makes us feel small and most of those places are national parks. Another one of those locations is the Land Doctors latest listing, the Canadian River Ranch. This 11,400-acre ranch is a diverse contiguous block of land with no public roads through it. Just viewing the property is a true expedition
    11,400± acres
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    canadian river ranch 1549
    huntingland recreationalland timberland
    McIntosh County, Oklahoma
    This parcel is the northeastern portion of the Canadian River Ranch. This portion of the ranch is the most densely wooded and least improved part of the complete ranch. It stands as the purest hunting parcel. Steep and rugged with Limbo Creek cutting a flat creekbottom through the center of it, this parcel has a great combination of timber types that provide both bedding and acorns. The property is partially high fenced and has a single corner that touches a public road. An entry and road would need to be created in this area to access the parcel. The
    1,549± acres
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    canadian river ranch 3670
    huntingland ranches recreationalland timberland
    McIntosh County, Oklahoma
    This parcel is the southeastern portion of the Canadian River Ranch. It extends east and west almost the entire width of the larger ranch. This portion of the ranch has the most open ground of the different portions of the complete ranch and would make the best combination ranch for someone looking to run both cattle and enjoy hunting. The southeastern corner has good creek bottom meadows that would be good for both grazing and hay. Once you leave this area, the land becomes much steeper and more wooded as you transition to the ridgetop. An aerial application of
    3,670± acres
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    canadian river ranch 439
    huntingland recreationalland
    McIntosh County, Oklahoma
    This parcel is the eastern portion of the Canadian River Ranch. This portion of the ranch has a nice mixture of flat bottom ground along Gar Creek that features larger hardwood timber and some open meadows. It then transitions up 270 feet to the high ridge above that is covered with post oak and blackjack oaks. This parcel has a great combination of timber types that provide both bedding and acorns as well as meadows full of transitional browse that whitetails need to thrive through the spring and summer. The property has a half mile of public road frontage
    439± acres
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    canadian river ranch 5634
    huntingland recreationalland timberland
    McIntosh County, Oklahoma
    This parcel is the western portion of the Canadian River Ranch. It extends north and south almost the entire length of the larger ranch and has river frontage on the North Canadian River. This portion of the ranch has some open ground on the south but primarily is densely forested with the slopes increasing as one travels north. Other than being partially high fenced and having some cross fencing, this part of the ranch has almost no improvements. Access is limited to a gate in the far southwestern corner of the property that touches a paved county road. There
    5,634± acres
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    diamond rock ranch
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    Hughes County, Oklahoma
    The 800 acre Diamond Rock Ranch is located 10 miles south of I-40 at Okemah, 75 miles south of Tulsa, 85 miles east of Oklahoma City and 200 miles north of Dallas. Although it is 800 acres, the ranch extends two miles east to west and 1 1/4 miles north and south. With contiguous parcels in three different sections, this is a big property that feels huge. In addition to an impressive spread, it has a wide range of settings and attractive features. The main entry of the ranch has an extremely well-built steel gate and pipe fence constructed
    800± acres
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    bois d'arc creek ranch
    farms huntingland recreationalland residentialproperty horseproperty
    Pontotoc County, Oklahoma
    The cost of construction has increased dramatically in the last year. On top of that, you may wait months for items like windows to be manufactured because of the demand for building supplies and the shortage of workers and materials that the manufacturers face. It is estimated that we have a current housing shortage of 4,000,000 homes nationally. It's a frustrating time to try to build and things aren't likely to change anytime soon. However, we occasionally list a ranch with the kinds of improvements we think almost anyone would like. This is one of those times
    100± acres
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    serenity valley ranch
    huntingland ranches recreationalland
    Under Contract
    Pontotoc County, Oklahoma
    When we arrived at Serenity Valley Ranch for the first time, we were expecting to see a 320-acre spread where a person could run some cows, enjoy the live water of the Spring Brook Creek and spend time developing and managing the deer that run along its heavily wooded banks. What we didn't expect to find was one of the most beautiful home sites we've ever seen. Located 70 miles Southeast of Oklahoma City and 165 miles from the Dallas metro area, Serenity Valley Ranch is an ideal spot for those looking for the peace and beauty of rural
    320± acres
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    cliffs ranch
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    Hughes County, Oklahoma
    The Cliffs Ranch is a 340 acre ranch located in the southeastern corner of Hughes County, about seven miles west of McAlester Army Ammunition Depot and seven miles southeast of Stuart, OK. The ranch has no improvements other than exterior fencing and some cross fencing but what it lacks in manmade features, it makes up for in natural beauty. True to its name, there are some big elevation changes on the ranch with the most striking being a nearly vertical 80 foot drop from the upland pasture down to Piney Creek bottom. This transition is comprised primarily of sandstone
    340± acres
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    smooth rock springs
    huntingland recreationalland businessopportunity
    Hughes County, Oklahoma
    Smooth Rock Springs is a 53-acre property located just southeast of Allen, OK in Hughes County, about a mile from a paved road, 2 1/2 hours from Dallas and 1 1/2 hours from Oklahoma City. It has 1320 feet of road frontage on County Road 149 and another 220 feet on County Road 373. The main entry for the property is on the south boundary from County Road 149. From that point, you cross a small spring fed creek that has ponds constructed both upstream and downstream of the crossing. Afterwards, the main road continues uphill to a gravel
    53± acres
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    fairway ranch
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    Garvin County, Oklahoma
    Fairway Ranch is set up to be anyone's perfect recreational playground and is incredibly accessible from both Oklahoma City and the Dallas metroplex areas. The ranch lays less than five miles off I35 at the Pauls Valley exit, just east of Pauls Valley Lake. With the Washita River running about a mile to the south and the lake nearer than that, Fairway Ranch sits in a perfect location when it comes to being able to support wildlife. Once an old golf course, this 270-acre ranch begins with rolling pastures that are meticulously maintained and surrounded with tight, dense tree
    270± acres
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    union center ranch
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    Roger Mills County, Oklahoma
    Western Oklahoma is different than the rest of the state. It's a place where the open expanses give you an unimpeded view of the sky and the beauty of the land is doubled by the colors of the heavens. Here, the waving of the tall grass allows you to see the ebb and flow of the invisible wind as it blows across the land. Although it looks open, the roll of the land hides abundant wildlife and interesting landforms in an intricate maze of twisting, turning drainages that descend from the hills down into the creek bottoms. Western Oklahoma
    631± acres
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    shawnee river ranch
    farms huntingland ranches recreationalland residentialproperty riverfront
    Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma
    Shawnee River Ranch is a phenomenal cattle operation with 615 acres of lush bottomland forage of Johnson, Bermuda, Vetch, Clover, and Rye grass. In fact, the ranch is almost completely open and productive with 95% of the soils being Class 3 or better. It has nice improvements including two center pivots irrigating 230 acres, almost 3/4 mile of North Canadian River frontage, a six-acre oxbow lake, two dwellings, two large barns, pipe working pens, trophy deer, waterfowl, and fishing. In addition, if you are looking for a property that is close to the metro and only a short drive
    615± acres