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Homes & Lodges

Whether the ranch is your full-time residence or weekend getaway, building residences on acreage offers more personal freedom, interesting options and technical challenges than building in a developed neighborhood. Understanding the interaction between structure and environment is essential if you want to bring the “outside in”. The ancient oak tree, a dramatic view, or the calm waters of a large lake can all be design cues that set the tone for the rest of the build. Living in the country is all about the lifestyle and we help you integrate your residence into the environment in such a way that yields maximum enjoyment, easy convenience and practical utility. We work with you to understand your options and the costs associated with them so that you can create the perfect design for your dream home or lodge.

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Ranch Renovations

There is always something you want to add or change about a property. Whether it’s building a new lake or taking out an old fence, we can help you customize your new ranch. We start by helping you define a vision for the property. Is the point to create the best cattle ranch in Oklahoma or to create a recreational wonderland where everyone will want to stay and play? Or maybe, it’s a little bit of both. Whatever your dream is, we can help you achieve it by laying out a vision and corresponding plan to transform the land from what it is into what it can be. Whether its shops, barns, fences, food plots, driveways, utilities, hunting blinds, corrals, ponds, lakes, building duck habitat, clearing or planting, we can help you achieve your goals.

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Lakes & Ponds Construction

Water. People love it. Wildlife and livestock flock to it. Crops rely on it. Unfortunately, many properties have all the features one would want but lack a great water feature. The good news is that in most of Oklahoma, there is adequate rainfall, good topography, and tight soils to create the water features that you desire. But not all sites are equal. We start by analyzing the hydrology of the ranch. This involves modeling the different ranch drainages to see which ones capture enough water to supply an appropriately sized water feature.

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