Homes & Lodges

Our goal is to help you design and construct your dream home or lodge at the level of quality you expect and with as little budget variation as possible. How do we do that? By asking a lot of questions and providing realistic bids. We lose our fair share of business to other builders who say they are “less expensive” but eventually they charge much more than expected. That’s not how we do business. We work with design professionals to produce a set of detailed construction plans for your approval. Afterwards, we use these plans to get detailed bids from trusted subcontractors. In an effort to be totally transparent, we set you up to pay the subcontractors directly, that way you know exactly what is supposed to be built, what was built and what you have paid for. If you want to make changes to the plans during construction, then obviously there may be price consequences associated with those changes. However, our focus will still be to finish on budget with everything else that was built according to the plans. A few changes on your part doesn’t mean we will throw the rest of the budget out the window.

We aren’t the fastest builders either, we only use subcontractors who we know and that have a great history of quality work. Quality craftsmen are in short supply and are always busy. Ours are no exception. In fact, we have a saying, “If a contractor can be there tomorrow, you don’t want them.” The interesting thing about the best builders is that they don’t advertise because they stay booked up. Most of them aren’t taking new clients and are selective about who they work with. That’s where our long-term relationships bring value to you; we bring quality subcontractors to you who otherwise wouldn’t come.

Invariably, there are moments of tension in any large building project. Our commitment to you is that we will continue to answer our phones and quickly respond to you until the issue is resolved. We certainly don’t claim to be perfect but we do think our response in difficult situations is a testament to our character. We make it easy by managing the process through the day, providing update photos by text and email and communicating with you at times that work with your schedule to give updates and seek your input.

We build quality buildings that meet or exceed building codes. Period. We take the health and safety of your friends and family as seriously as our own. Nevertheless, we will advise you where it makes sense to spend a little extra money and where it doesn’t. Ultimately, our goal is to help you make an informed decision about how you allocate your budget.

Our goal is not to be the cheapest or the fastest. Instead, we want to build a structure that you cherish and that your family and friends will want to come back to time and time again.