The Swamp

Status: Available
Price: $507,500
Acres: 203 +/-
Type: Hunting Land, Recreational Land, Riverfront
City, State: Hanna, Oklahoma
County: McIntosh
ZIP Code: 74845
Lat/Long: 35.1477, -95.9168
Presented By: Sean Childress


The Swamp is 203 acres of thickly vegetated wetlands located just west of the Indian Nation Turnpike on the north bank of the South Canadian River. It is just a 75-mile drive from Tulsa, 115-mile drive from OKC and a 170-mile drive from the north DFW metro. More importantly for duck hunters, it is located seven miles upstream of the Lake Eufaula backwaters in an area where the North and South Canadian draw close to one another before entering the lake.

The Swamp is not a ranch, it is not a farm, and it is not a homesite. It is simply a natural wetland. It is the culmination of generations of beavers who have worked tirelessly to build and maintain small dams to hold water alongside the 3/4trs mile of South Canadian River frontage. Although there have been attempts to maintain it as a pasture in the past, those efforts proved to be largely futile as North America’s largest rodents, rainfall and high river stages conspired against them. The Swamp doesn’t look like a wetland designed by the government. It has organic curves, nooks and crannies. It has a part of the old riverbed on it that can hold 14 acres of shallow water. It has a thick growth of willows, cattails and other wetland hydrophytes.

The water in the Swamp comes from the 45 inches of rainfall it gets per year, plus runoff that flows down from the hillsides to the north, the baseflow that discharges from the shallow saturated soils, overflow from beaver ponds to the north along the base of the hillside and water that gets trapped after the river recedes from flood stages. All this water saturates the soil during different parts of the year and keeps portions of the property flooded year around, assuming we aren’t in a prolonged drought.

Ducks and geese love this type of setting as it gives them a natural food source on natural water with plenty of places to settle in and feed. In addition to the waterfowl, there are some portions of the property that are slightly higher in elevation and have old trails and small openings that could be used for deer hunting. We don’t have any trail cameras out on the property, but given its isolation, we expect that this property will be like so many of the others we have sold along this river, and act as corridor for bucks as they travel up and down the river during the rut. Our plan is to spend time on the property this winter documenting the duck hunting and at the same time we will do our best to get some trail camera pictures of bucks. We will update the video and photos as we get them.

Even though the surface water and vegetation make this property ideal for those who want a natural wetland for waterfowl hunting, it also poses challenges to getting around. The Swamp is accessed along a section line right-of-way through the neighbor to the north. Section lines were established by the State of Oklahoma to provide a statutory right of way for ingress and egress. If you pay close attention to the property map, you will see what appears to be a “snorkel” of land that extends up from the main body of the property up to a point where it touches the section line right of way. However, portions of this “snorkel” go through beaver ponds. So, if you want to come look at the property, please bring your chest waders or Argo unless you don’t mind swimming. We have been working with the seller to improve access, so if you decide to come out, we can walk you through all of the ideas that are on the table. If you are looking for the ideal flyway wetland for waterfowl hunting in Oklahoma, then please call Sean at 580 320 5791 .

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