Blue River Springs

Status: Sold
Acres: 93 +/-
Type: Farms, Hunting Land, Recreational Land, Residential Property, Riverfront, Business Opportunity
Address: Highway 377
City, State: Connerville, Oklahoma
County: Johnston
ZIP Code: 74836
Lat/Long: 34.4517, -96.6356
Presented By: Kelly Hurt
Dwelling Sq Ft: 1,200
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2


Blue River Springs has more improvements and features per acre than any listing we've ever had, so grab a seat and hold on tight as we take you on a whirlwind tour through this magnificent property. Located on the banks of the Blue River at Connerville, OK, this property is located about 100 miles from either DFW or OKC. With paved frontage on a quiet country highway, you are a quick drive from either metro area to this ultimate river retreat.  

When you arrive, you pass by the property manager's mobile home and drive through the unassuming entrance. Drive a few feet further over the crest of a small rise and the property is revealed to you. The first thing you will see is the beautiful pecan orchard. Its 680 improved variety pecan trees are aligned in perfectly straight rows with a backdrop of massive native pecan trees beyond the orchard. Improved varieties include Pawnee, Kanza, Lakota, Podsednik, Desirable, Oconee and Nacona. These healthy trees each have their own individual irrigation head that supplies both water and fertilizer. The orchard is split into 15 zones that can each be individually managed from a central irrigation control room. One look at the development plan, and you can see that it has all the features and hallmarks of a professionally designed orchard. This also gives you the first glimpse into the minds of the owners, as you will see a repeating pattern of thoughtful design and quality construction throughout the property.

The irrigation system is a smartly designed system that includes clever innovations and engineered backups. First, lets start at the water source. The property includes 1400 feet of frontage on both sides of Blue River. This stretch includes a deep swimming hole that is also ideally suited for withdrawing water for the orchard. The property will transfer with 109 ac-ft/yr of water rights from the river. One of the clever design features you will see is the drawbridge style pumping deck and stinger mounted intake screen. The pump screen has a built-in quick attachment point that allows you to use a tractor to hoist up the assembly and place it into the river, then you lower the drawbridge style irrigation deck and pull the intake hose through to the hard piped connection leading to the irrigation room. This system makes it easy to place the intake in the river during the dry months and then remove it before water velocities increase during the wet months. The system also includes an intake line priming system charged from an onsite water well. Once the water arrives at the pump house, it can be pushed through the system by either of two water pumps. From there, it flows through a high efficiency filter designed to keep particulates from flowing through the system and clogging the sprinkler heads. There is also a port for adding fertilizer to the water stream for the trees or cleaning products to maintain the system. The entire system is managed by an electronic control module that opens and shuts valves to the different zones. In addition, the entire system is plumbed and valved with pressure tanks so that the water well or surface water pumps can route water to the house, fire pit, orchard or RV hookups in case there is an issue with any part of the system. Two sheds provide storage for pecan orchard equipment, mower, truck and tractor that the seller is transferring with the property. A complete inventory of equipment can be viewed once financial qualifications are shared by potential buyers.

This property also has a huge "stay and play" aspect to it. A 40 by 60 barndominium is a great low maintenance main residence for the property. Half of the structure is a large garage and the other half offers living quarters complete with kitchen, dining room, living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and utility space. Finished with a wood interior, cedar posts, interior wood shutters and stained concrete floor, the living area is the perfect fit for this property. Of course, with a property like this one, your friends and family are going to come visit you. Two RV hooksups complete with water, sewer and electricity are located just beyond the side porch of the home. Nearby, there is a great fire pit and bar-b-que area on the banks of the river. Deer frequently move through the orchard and the river acts as a corridor for wildlife. The deep pool in Blue River is a great place to boat, swim and fish. The pure waters of the river are clear and sustain a population of healthy fish.

A spring fed pond stocked with largemouth bass is located just south of the house, but that's not the reason "springs" is included in the name of this property. For that, we drive at atv across the river at the low water crossing and come to a truly magical spot. This property overlies the protected Arbuckle Simpson aquifer. Known for its pure spring water, this limestone aquifer is a precious asset. Springs exist above the aquifer in places where the pressure of the formation can push water through pipe-like karst tubes to the surface. Small springs are common in the area, but Blue River Springs has a major spring that comes to surface near the banks of the river. A concrete swimming pool was constructed around the spring and comes complete with a valve to control water levels, an overflow pipe and a wier to control the discharge from the pool. It is easy to become mesmerized watching the bubbles slowly ascend to the surface of the pool from the spring below. The water has a beautiful, faint blue tint and it runs cold all summer long at flow rate estimated at 1500 gallons per minute. That's over 2,000,000 gallons per day! An RV pad with hookups and a small picnic area sit nearby for your enjoyment of this ultimate swimming hole.

Places with these types of water resources don't come up for sale very often and our guess is that this property will belong to the descendants of the next owner for many generations. If you are looking for a legacy property to leave your family, please give Kelly Hurt at call at 580 421 7512 so that you can learn about the equipment and furnishings included in this sale as well as the income and tax depreciation advantages offered by the pecan orchard.


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